we hold these tacos to be self evident


Clucks & Balances

smoked chicken thigh, pimento mac & cheese, nashville hot chicken skins, white bbq sauce

The Catfish are Coming!

molasses mustard fried catfish, smoked corn maque choux, crispy greens, gov't hot sauce

Steak of the Union

coffee/chile rubbed tri-tip, queso chihuahua, poblanos, charred tomatillo salsa

The magna carrot

cane glazed carrots, black bean purée , goat cheese, chimichurri, pepitas

Uncle Swine

orange/cherry/chile braised pork, pickled jicama, cotija, micro cilantro



Eggplantoral College

eggplant, gochujang, kimchi mayo, scallions, garlic, peanuts, sesame seeds

Crustacean candidate

island coconut gulf shrimp, som tum slaw, lemongrass/papaya greek yogurt

public fig-ure

roasted local figs, charred fennel, honey ricotta, sliced almonds

Shrimper Fi

crispy shrimp, coconut rice, smoked pineapple salsa, arugula, almonds
*20% of sales of this taco will be donated to military-based charities in order to support America's current and former service men and women!


*our tortillas are a flour/corn hybrid. 100% corn available upon request.



GOv't cheese

roasted hatch chile queso + chips

three branches of Salsa

charred tomatillo, smoked pineapple, chile de arbol + chips

The supreme corn

traditional elote: lime aïoli, ancho chile, cotija
crawfish boil elote: lemon aïoli, cajun spices, cotija
barbecue elote: bbq aïoli, bbq rub, cotija


Rotating Agua Frescas

served in a souvenir cup

Mexican Coke

Topo Chico

Grapefruit Joya

Gov't bottled water